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The research and development at the Department of Machining Technology

Some of the employees and the equipment of the department   have taken  part in the solving of the research  intention "The research and development of the machining technologies" within the Regional Technological Institute since November 2013. 


These are the research fields, which are supported by the Department of Machining Technology:

  • Optimization of the work conditions of cutting tools with the aim of increasing the work productivity when keeping or rising the quality parameters of products
  • Development and expansion of the modern machining technologies like Speed, Rough and High Performance  machining  into the practise
  • Development of  new concepts of cutting tools and products for steel with the hard machining property , composite material and nano-material
  • Development of the simulation methods for the realization of new mounting schemes  with the application  of new mounting elements
  • Development of new strategies of material removal rate for complex surfaces  machining at the NC machines with a view to reach  the maximal productivity of the removal rate when keeping the acceptable damage tool  protection
  • Development of postprocessors for machining  of complex workpiece through  five or more axis machining mode 
  • Development of NC programming system for grinding form tools on the grinding machines  in five  or more axis
  • Development of  new progressive technologies like  object digitalization, digital data processing, reverse engineering and rapid  prototyping
  • Development of the system on the base of CAD/CAM for the component identification with a similar production technology in order to apply the method of group and type technology
  • Development of the modular dialog system of computer support of the technological  production preparation  which  enables to workout the production documentation and its distribution to the individual workplaces in the production
  • Development of the possibilities in shortening the process chains through the use of work activities and work process simulations
  • Development of the possibilities in work rationalizing with a focus on the basic aspects of work process and  workplace ergonomics
  • Development of the method of measuring the chosen shape and location deviation and the methodology of the machine accuracy classification in order to evaluate the machining device  eligibility
  • Research of  the influence of the chosen methodology  for linear scheme element  creating  onto the evaluation of the dimensions and shape deviations and element locations
  • Development and research of the management tools for the quality control, the work rationalization , the ergonomics and the reliability of work machines and processes
  • Development and research of evaluating methods of the environmental impacts of the machinery technologies